The Stone Age Park in Albersdorf

At Steinzeitpark Dithmarschen in Albersdorf, Germany, you can go back in time some 5,000 years. Here a prehistoric cultural landscape has been reconstructed next to some of the historic landmarks of the region.

The region of Dithmarschen is rural and remote, and therefore many Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments and artifacts have survived. Based on the finds and the research done on the region the Stone Age Park was constructed. Here you can walk between houses that are thousands of years old. Reconstructed, of course. Still, they offer a unique peek into the ways of life in the past. The reconstructions are made after findings in the area, and therefore offer visitors the opportunity to see what the landscape would have looked like some 5,000 years ago.

The park is like an open air museum where the staff are wearing clothes worn in Neolithic times, and offer visitors the chance to try out handicraft and skills that were useful in prehistoric times. The activities include jewelry making, chopping flint, baking bread, working with amber and trying out archery. The activities are both fun and educational.




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It is also possible to go inside a reconstructed burial mound, where one gets a unique peek into how the mounds looked from the inside.

This season they are also adding new activity stations in one of the reconstructed houses where one can try their own abilities in prehistoric skills and handicraft techniques, without the need of guidance from the staff.

The park is open daily (except mondays) at 11 AM to 5 PM from April to October.

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