Romantic Megalithic Spots

The Tree and the Burial Ground - Holland

This beautiful spot with a twisted old tree is located near the town of Borger in the Netherlands, which is known for it’s high concentration of Megalithic burial grounds.

The big rocks under the tree are parts of a small Megalithic burial mound that was partially destroyed by locals in the past. Without any specific regulations protecting those structures, the rocks were broken down to smaller pieces and sold to build the dykes that protect the country from the sea.

Many sites like these, as well as part of our history, were lost. But fortunately, all the Megalithic sites that are discovered today are protected and preserved as best as possible.

This spot, as well as the one below is a favorite among couples to have a picnic and engrave their names on the trees around. It’s known as the most “Romantic Megalithic structure” in the Netherlands.


Romantic Megalithic Spot


Couples climb over the rocks to enjoy a beautiful day in a quiet environment and engrave their names on the trees as a proof of their love. This practice has been going on for years and, as the trees grow, the names end up higher and higher, leaving a chronology of love notes. The earliest one I spotted was from 1943.



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