More than just Megalithic trails

You might be interested in following the Megalithic cultural route, and discover about our ancestors’ rituals and learn more about the tombs. But the beauty of the European cultural routes also lies in the fact that many are intertwined and one path would lead you to discover something new but unrelated. This not only breaks from the monotony of seeing the same thing, but also lets you stray away from your original path and learn more about the area and its cultural background.

Here are a few examples of what you can see on the Megalithic route, which is unrelated to the Megalithic era.

1- A Dairy Farm where an old monastery used to stand:


An interesting place with stories of betrayal, murder, monks and more recently, lots of cows and fresh milk products! You definitely need to try the yogurts they have and visit the lovely garden in the backyard.



2- A renovated private palace in Sögel:

This beautiful palace was the private hunting lodge of Archbishop Clemens-August, where he and his noble guests used to throw parties, gamble, eat and hunt.
The small palace is called Clemenswerth Palace and is located near Sögel in Germany. It was used from August to November. The interior was destroyed by Canadian troops when one of their leaders got assassinated in the nearby village during WWII. The interior is now entirely renovated and there’s even a mummy inside the church next to the palace.

Clemenswerth Palace


3- An old Lutheran church in Dötlingen

Dötlingen was crowned twice the “Schönstes Dorf Deutschlands”, (the most beautiful village of Germany). It’s a very charming area with beautiful houses and an old Lutheran church made of cobble stones. The village is also home to an old oak tree believed to be over 1000 years old, which was once struck by lightning but still survived.

Lutheran Church


4- Or Simply just wander around in gorgeous forest:

The Netherlands and Germany still have gorgeous quiet forests and it’s a great way to disconnect from our daily lives and connect with Nature by simply wandering around and enjoying the time off.


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