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The cave of Monsumanno, located in Monsumanno Terme near Pistoia, is a beautiful karst cave and it is famous for its use for therapeutic purposes. It was discovered by the family of the poet Giuseppe Giusti in the mid -1800’s and for this reason, it became known as “Grotta Giusti”. Once established the healing properties of the water, the Giusti family decided to build a hotel and a spa in order to welcome all those who wish to take advantage of the famous “steam baths”.


This space, which still exists, is now called “Grotta Giusti Hotel”. It is surrounded by a large park and decorated with valuable and historical furniture and paintings and it welcomes its guests combining an old atmosphere with modern facilities. Offering beautiful rooms, a nice spa and a large outdoor thermal pool, this hotel is ideal for those who are traveling along the Via Francigena and want to enjoy the relaxation and the tranquility of this place.


From the hotel you can go directly to the Grotta Giusti to enjoy a beneficial steam bath among stalactites and stalagmites wrapped in a soft light. The space is divided into Heaven, Purgatory and Hell, easily distinguishable by the degree of heat that increases as you get closer to the end. In addition, there is a beautiful lake with thermal water which makes the atmosphere even more magic.


At the beginning, I imagined a small, dark cave, but I found myself walking through long karst corridors enjoying the warmth of the steam and typical silence of the subterranean environment. Wonderful!

Further information about the “Grotta Giusti Hotel” here.

“Take care of your body. It is the only place you have to live in!”.

Written by Valentina Meloni

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