Go up to Montecatini Alto with Gigio and Gigia!


Montecatini Alto, in English “Upper Montecatini” is located on a hilltop and it is the old town of Montecatini Terme. The two parts of the towns are linked by a nice funicular and the two red wagons are called Gigio and Gigia! This funicular looks like an old train with wooden benches and two external balconies. The view along the way is amazing!

Artist in Montecatini Alto

Once you have arrived up to the hill, you can enjoy a nice walk in this historical town built around a castle and seat of the local government until 1905.

Piazza Giusti

We started our stroll in Piazza Giuseppe Giusti, the main square of Montecatini Terme. Giuseppe Giusti was an Italian poet from Monsumanno, not far from Montecatini.

The statue dedicated to the tuscan poet Giuseppe Giusti


Here you can drink a coffee or have a good lunch in one of the several restaurants and cafés! One of my travel friend, Marlys, asked me the difference between a caffè macchiato and a cappuccino. The first one is an espresso coffee drink with a very small amount of milk and the name become “macchiato caldo” if hot (marked hot) or “macchiato freddo” if cold (marked cold). The cappuccino on the contrary, is an espresso coffee drink with hot milk and steamed-milk foam; the amount of mill is superior!

Pinocchio, the italian animated wooden marionette, main character of the tuscan novel “The adventures of Pinocchio”.

From the old town you can admire a beautiful view of the Valdinievole and if you are good explorers, you have absolutely to venture into the little streets where you can find nice stone houses with flowered windows and gardens.


Nice windows and houses in Montecatini Alto

The atmosphere is peaceful and a visit here represents a perfect break and an immersion into the ancient environment of Montecatini.

The view from Montecatini Alto


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