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Crossing Routes – Blogging Europe is a platform presenting stories of bloggers who are travelling across Europe and experiencing the Council of Europe Cultural Routes.

The groups of bloggers, photographers and videographers are given the opportunity by the Council of Europe and the European Commission joint programme on Cultural Routes to experience the thematic itineraries of certified Cultural Routes across Europe.

The first journey is tracing the megalithic culture in Europe by exploring the outstanding monuments of Megalithic Routes in Germany and The Netherlands followed by a further trail of megalithic culture in Sweden and Denmark.

The next journey offers the exploration of the region of Tuscany in Italy by experiencing the atmosphere of the XIX century thermal towns along the European Route of Historic Thermal Towns and walking along ancient pilgrimage routes of Via Francigena, thereby tempting the group of bloggers to reveal Tuscany to visitors in a novel way.

The latest journey explores the Huguenot and Waldensian trail in Germany and Switzerland from 13 to 17 July 2015, offers hiking through magnificent landscape following the steps of the religious refugees and discovers cultural heritage of their villages.

The groups of five bloggers are asked to share their impressions and experience of these itineraries, by connecting cultural, spiritual and historical heritage of Europe, communities and environments and providing photographs, videos, diary notes and articles, presented as chronicles of their trips.

Follow the bloggers and their diary posts and blogs, and DISCOVER the endless journey along the Council of Europe Cultural Routes!

Become a visitor of any of the 33 Council of Europe Culture Routes and share your discoveries and experiences!

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